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Reel Spools

For Applications in Paper and Tissue Production:

  • Manufacture and Service
  • Large Diameters over 1.200 mm
  • Facelength over 10,000 mm
  • For Paper weight of 100 tons and more
  • Highly dynamically balanced
  • Designed for high Acceleration Ramps

As system with:

  • Cover
  • Coupling
  • Bearings

Customized Base Construction with:

  • welded or
  • dismountable screwed journal

For tissue paper optionally equipped with:

  • Vacuum Rings

Design and dimensioning of:

  • Couplings
  • Bearings
  • Acceleration Ramps

With selected Coating Systems

KRAFFT Mega-Spool

  • Diameter over 1.200 mm
  • Facelength over 10.000 mm
  • Weight of Paper more than 100 tons
  • High degree of Balance to G1 at 3,000+ m/min

Data Sheets - The Reel Spool from KRAFFT Walzen 

The #KSD

from KRAFFT Walzen

The KRAFFT Steel Dryer as a benchmark product for the future of paper drying.

The Sizer Roller

from KRAFFT Walzen

Film and size press rollers.


The #WSR - Wire

from KRAFFT Walzen

The Wire Stabilization Roll from the product group of passive bending balancing rolls (Center Supported).

The Reel Spool

from KRAFFT Walzen

Highly dynamic balanced reel spools with over 100 tons of paper weight.

The Winder and Reel Drums

from KRAFFT Walzen

Highly dynamic balanced in the system with cover, grooving, perforation and bearings.

The #TFC

from KRAFFT Walzen

The Thermo Function Cylinder provides the process energy for the treatment of goods.

The #LCS - Life Cycle Sensor

from KRAFFT Walzen

The #LCS is a roller-attached sensor for the determination of usage data of rollers, especially reel-spools