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KRAFFT Services

„KRAFFT means Power“, a powerful team for your special demand. Synchronized moves in engineering, production, repair and installation:

  • Contract production
  • 24/7 service
  • Repair service
  • Installation service on-site
  • Qualified service team for installation with specific skills
  • On-site support
  • Worldwide

Service to Paper Machines:

  • for a Days Stoppage or
  • Major Conversion Projects
  • Functional Testing
  • Alignment of Machine
  • Laser alignment of Shafts, Axles and Cardan Shafts, Coupling

Repairs and repairs on rollers, cylinder and drums like:

  • Replace and rework of journals
  • Surface treatment (grinding, turning)
  • Repair and renewal of surface finishing and coating
  • Re balancing
  • New bearings
  • Repair welding, laser deposition welding

Additionally with drying cylinders:

  • Overhaul and renewal of the dewatering system
  • Production of special components for bearing fixation
  • TÜV inspection of drying cylinders

Transport Service:    

Door to door transport service for news parts as well as for equipment assigned for repair and overhaul - flexible, fast, reliable

Data Sheets KRAFFT Services

From our facilities in Düren we offer a perfect infrastructure to support customers in:

  • Germany
  • Europe, incl. Scandinavia
  • Eastern-Europa
  • North-America
  • South-America
  • North-Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

The Experts in Rollers - The core brand "KRAFFT Rollers" or "KRAFFT Rollers" describes rollers and roller systems with the associated roll service and management.

Moving Bulk Material - With the product segment "KRAFFT Pulleys" we transfer our know-how into the development and production of drums for the bulk material conveying.

Our World turns Round - In the product segment "KRAFFT Turning Technologies" we develop and manufacture machined parts, large turned parts and axis symmetric components for a variety of applications.

Ideas needs Concept - The product segment "KRAFFT Engineering" describes our capabilities in mechanical engineering and customer-specific complete solutions of turn-key systems.