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KRAFFT Pulleys

Moving Bulk Material - In the product area "KRAFFT Pulleys" we use our know-how for the development, design, layout and production of conveyor drums for bulk conveying:

Product range:

  • Drive Pulleys
  • Take-Up and Return Pulleys with external and internal bearings
  • Pulley Friction and Wear Laggings
  • Flanged Shaft Pulleys
  • Pulleys for Bucket Elevators
  • Pulleys for Vertical Conveyors

Complete Systems with:

  • Pulley Shafts
  • Locking Elements and Bearing Units
  • Pulley Laggings
  • Disc Brakes
  • Couplings and Hold Back Devices


  • Max. Diameter 3.600 mm
  • Max. Length 6.500 mm
  • Max. Weight 60 t

"At KRAFFT we have more than 30 years of experience in conveyor pulleys. For KRAFFT Pulleys we consequently use the transfer of know-how from roll design, with procedures and production technologies, to the conveyor belt technology in combination with the competence of our product experts: analysis, development, design, calculation and production. This synergy as a partner for the system provider also allows us to consistently support complex projects. A full circle."


KRAFFT Pulleys - The Synergy with Roller Technology:

From Rollers to Pulleys - From Paper to Mining

  • Experience in Design and Production of Heavy Rolls and Cylinders
  • Production Know-how in Welding and Machining
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Complete Product Line with Bearing Units and Flanges
  • Engineering Department for Calculation and Simulation
  • Proven Design and Layout Method
  • Safe Product Design
  • Certified Welding Procedures
  • Serviceteam for Assembly, Inspection and Supervision, Globally
  • Expertise in High Capacity Conveyors with Highest Loads

Data Sheets KRAFFT Pulleys

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