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"Digital Roller"-a project with one central goal, which is to significantly improve information and production management around roller use for our customers.

- Technical roll data is provided directly by the product

- Reduction of the amount of information required for product inquiries to an absolute minimum.

- Maintenance processes are optimized and allow for more trouble-free production processes.

- Improvement and acceleration of quality assurance using new analysis methods.

"Every good solution can be improved even more."

This conviction and the determination to turn ideas into concrete solutions was the basis on which Carl Krafft founded our company in 1870. Up to today, we have kept true to his philosophy and have continued to build on it. Our digital innovations bear his name to honor his vision.

The future of the roller – CARL

The future of the roller – CARL

CARL (Computer Aided Roller Logger)

is a sensor specifically designed for the loads in a roller body. Battery-powered and not tied to a specific location, it determines precise operating data and makes it available for evaluation. This technology was specifically developed to meet the needs of the paper industry. It is initially intended for installation in reels that are specifically and frequently changed.

- CARL records all operating periods and the operating time of the roll

- CARL supports fast and accurate localization on the production site

- CARL makes preventive maintenance and more trouble-free production processes possible through AI analysis of its data

All the Info, simple and direct – CARLexa

CARLexa "... let your roll speak to you..." provides employees with all relevant roll data very easily via a QR code, without having to set up access to protected and sensitive company networks.

Even at the most remote points in the paper mill, and without Internet access, the info can be accessed with a smartphone.

CARLexa optimizes in-house logistics as well as production management around the roll operation.

Solutions, fast and simple - askKRAFFT

The digital product inquiry platform reduces the amount of effort involved in making  inquiries to a minimum.

With just some information about the geometry of the required product, we can offer you the suitable roll solution faster and very precisely.

This innovative inquiry interaction is based on the principle of "Horizontal Integration".

It focuses on the function of the roll and incorporates KRAFFT's decades of industry know-how

Question - Offer

Knowhow platform - myKRAFFTroller App

The app for the roller - and the beta version is up and running

This app bundles all digital KRAFFT services for you.

We are starting with a beta version whose scope of services we will be continuously expanding. The aim is to make all data that is important in the life cycle of a roll directly and easily available for our customers and for production. On this basis, we can make the use, logistics, maintenance and ordering of rolls more efficient, simpler, in total- more performant. In the introductory phase, we are starting with the "public arena" of the app.

From mid-2022, the protected login area for our customers will be added.

Enhancing quality and safety – CARLota

With CARLota (Laser Optical Test and Assessment), we have developed a new, laser-based test and analysis process. It gauges roll surfaces with the highest precision and a purpose-developed algorithm analyzes minimal defects.

CARLota is parameterizable and can therefore examine almost all rolls for different properties. With CARLota, online applications for monitoring roll surfaces are possible. This also applies to carrier media (e.g. steel strips) as well as other products.