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Paper industry is still a core market for KRAFFT, whereby the manufacturing capabilities for rollers are support by the KRAFFT service as an additional product segment. The team of competence is also supporting projects of repair, overhaul, modernization and retro fitment of existing pulp and paper machinery.

Over the years KRAFFT has been developing their product portfolio continuously and the manufacturing equipment was aligned accordingly. Also the facilities at the headquarter have been renovated and a second production facility was installed in the industrial estate nearby. In 2013 this facility has been enlarged by an additional hall.

Already in 1999 KRAFFT acquired KELZENBERG + CO., who has been a local competitor in big drums for non-paper applications. Meantime the organisation and the products have been integrated into KRAFFT´s own portfolio.


Michael Hess

Managing Partner
Commercial Responsibility

Peter Kayser

Executive Partner
Techn. Responsibility and Sales

Alice Speth

Authorized Signatory and Shareholder, Export and Sales


Employees:  130 

  • Engineers and Technicians 10
  • Production  66
  • Trainee  17


  • Ground Space  27.800 m²
  • Production 12.500 m²
  • Administration and Engineering 900 m²

Production Plants


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