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#QAC - Quiet-as-Carbon

The #QAC Roller - Quiet-as-Carbon:

  • is a steel roller
  • has the same runability as fiber composite technology rolls
  • has a much higher security against failure
  • at the prices of a steel roller


 „With the #QAC rollers we reach positions in the machine which previously had to be replaced by fiber composite technology due to an Eta of 0.45-0.55 ..."

Data sheet - The #QAC Roller from KRAFFT Walzen

The #KSD

from KRAFFT Walzen

The KRAFFT Steel Dryer as a benchmark product for the future of paper drying.

The Sizer Roller

from KRAFFT Walzen

Film and size press rollers.


The #WSR - Wire

from KRAFFT Walzen

The Wire Stabilization Roll from the product group of passive bending balancing rolls (Center Supported).

The Reel Spool

from KRAFFT Walzen

Highly dynamic balanced reel spools with over 100 tons of paper weight.

The Winder and Reel Drums

from KRAFFT Walzen

Highly dynamic balanced in the system with cover, grooving, perforation and bearings.

The #TFC

from KRAFFT Walzen

The Thermo Function Cylinder provides the process energy for the treatment of goods.

The #LCS - Life Cycle Sensor

from KRAFFT Walzen

The #LCS is a roller-attached sensor for the determination of usage data of rollers, especially reel-spools