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KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers for Pulp&Paper Applications

KRAFFT Rollers / Walzen as a full-range supplier for rolls and roll systems with the associated roll service and management for all sections of the paper machine or pulp line.

Without size and weight restrictions for installations operated on the world market.

Wet section

  • Breast rollers, also as CS type
  • Drive rollers
  • Felt guide rollers

Press section

  • Press rollers
  • Felt guide rollers and paper guide rollers

Drying section

  • #KSD - KRAFFT Steel Dryer
  • Vacuum rollers
  • Drying felt guide rollers


  • Sizer rollers
  • Press rollers
  • Paper guide rollers


  • Reel drums
  • Reels spools
  • Paper guide rollers
  • Rider rollers
  • Winder drums (also as suction roll)

Full systems with

  • Bearings and frames
  • Couplings
  • Pulleys
  • Covers/coating

Coatings in cooperation with premium partners

  • Chrome and nickel
  • Rubber and PU lining
  • Cladding welding
  • Elastomer
  • Ceramic
  • Spray

Repair and overhaul

  • Turn of bales
  • Grinding of bales
  • Renew Cover
  • Peg exchange
  • Bearing check / replace
  • Balancing control

Roller types for Paper Applications

Guide rollers

Functional rollers contribute to the added value of the product:

  • Active function rollers have an installation that provides the roller with functions.
    This installation can be controlled or regulated.
  • Passive function rollers act due to their mass, the mechanical structure or tempering.
    They also contribute to added value.

Selected Roller Systems

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

#KSD - KRAFFT Steel Dryer

The KRAFFT Steel Dryer as a benchmark product for the future of paper drying.

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

Sizer Rollers

Film and size press rollers.


KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

#WSR - Wire Stabilisation Rollers

The Wire Stabilization Roll from the product group of passive bending balancing rolls (Center Supported).

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

#QAC - Quiet-As-Carbon

Steel rollers that can be operated permanently in the so-called semi-critical range due to an optimized design, as well as cutting and balancing technology.

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

Reel Spools

Highly dynamic balanced reel spools with over 100 tons of paper weight.

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

Winder and Reel Drums

Highly dynamic balanced in the system with cover, grooving, perforation and bearings.

KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

#TFC - Thermo Function Cylinder

The Thermo Function Cylinder provides the process energy for the treatment of goods.

Moving Bulk Material - With the product segment "KRAFFT Pulleys" we transfer our know-how into the development and production of drums for the bulk material conveying.

Our World turns Round - In the product segment "KRAFFT Turning Technologies" we develop and manufacture machined parts, large turned parts and axis symmetric components for a variety of applications.

Ideas needs Concept - The product segment "KRAFFT Engineering" describes our capabilities in mechanical engineering and customer-specific complete solutions of turn-key systems.


KRAFFT means Power - The product segment "KRAFFT Services" provides you a powerful team in conjunction with engineering, new production and repair services.