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#WSR – Wire Stabilisation Roll

The #WSR - Wire Stabilization Roller from the product group of the Deflection Compensation Rollers

  • Pipe-in-Pipe construction, outer pipe is adapted to the corresponding loadings on the bending line
  • Stiffening of the Roller in the middle
  • Edges can yield elastically according to the load
  • Equalized web-tension
  • Conservation and longer lifetime of the meshes and the covers
  • Uniform mesh tension across the fabric width 
  • Bending of the Roller head avoids differential speeds of the screen over the fabric width (unlike with Crown-shaped Rollers)
  •  For working width of 7,000 mm or more in the wire section.
  • As a driven or towed roller in the upper and lower wire
  • Use in the classic position of the Forming Roller in the lower wire
  • Lower total tension for achieving a minimum web tension

Data sheet - The #WSR from KRAFFT Walzen

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The KRAFFT Steel Dryer as a benchmark product for the future of paper drying.

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The #WSR - Wire

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The Wire Stabilization Roll from the product group of passive bending balancing rolls (Center Supported).

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