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KRAFFT Walzen / Rollers

The Experts in Rollers - defines the product line of the core brand “KRAFFT Rollers”or "KRAFFT Walzen". The product range includes rollers and roller systems, services and management

  • Rollers and roller systems
  • Cylinder / drying cylinders in steel or casted design
  • Drums
  • Reel spool
  • Guide Rollers
  • Single and double jackets rollers
  • Peripherally drilled

As a complete system with

  • Bearings
  • Frames / Supports
  • Pulleys
  • Couplings


  • Maximal length: 15.000 mm
  • Maximal diameter: 5.500 mm
  • Maximal weight: 100 t


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium and composites

Coatings in cooperation with premium partners

  • Chrome and nickel
  • Rubber and PU lining
  • Cladding welding
  • Elastomer
  • Ceramic
  • Spray

For processes like

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Pressing
  • Electric wire

Dynamic Balancing

  • Balancing for enhanced and optimized speed in three plains
  • KRAFFT is a pioneer in balancing since 30 years

Repair and overhaul

  • Turning and/or grinding of roller body
  • Renewal of cover/plating
  • Exchange/renewal of shafts
  • Checking / replacement of bearings
  • Test of balancing
  • TÜV testing of dryers

#CARL sensor family

  • #CARLexa - is the basic component of the CARL sensor family for the digital roller.

CARL stands for "Computer Aided Roller Logger".

Selected Roller Systems


Pulp and Paper Industry

The full product range to produce Pulp&Paper from headbox to winder.


Inlet and Outlet Rollers

Heavy-duty double-shell inlet and outlet rollers for double belt presses for the production of webs and plates.


Inlet and Outlet Rollers

Single-shell inlet and outlet rollers for double belt presses in the wood industry with interfaces for friction pads.


Peripherally drilled Heating Drums

Peripherally drilled (PD) heating drums and rollers for calendre presses type AUMA or Mende.


Chill Rolls

Chill rolls as a central functional roll in the film extrusion.


Single and Double Shell Rollers

Single and Double-Shell Rollers for transport and converting of film webs. 


Food and Medicine

Stainless steel (VA) rollers for highest mechanical and hygienic requirements in the production of food.



Via CARLexa  we make data available, being stored on a tag (QR and/or RFID).

Moving Bulk Material - With the product segment "KRAFFT Pulleys" we transfer our know-how into the development and production of drums for the bulk material conveying.

Our World turns Round - In the product segment "KRAFFT Turning Technologies" we develop and manufacture machined parts, large turned parts and axis symmetric components for a variety of applications.

Ideas needs Concept - The product segment "KRAFFT Engineering" describes our capabilities in mechanical engineering and customer-specific complete solutions of turn-key systems.


KRAFFT means Power - The product segment "KRAFFT Services" provides you a powerful team in conjunction with engineering, new production and repair services.