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KRAFFT Walzen - Foils - Single and Double Shell Rollers


Single and double-shell rollers for the transport and finishing of:

  • film webs
  • and webs of all kinds
  • Diameter and
  • face lengths

    beyond the world market typical requirements

KRAFFT Rollers for Pulp and Paper Industry

The full product range to produce Pulp&Paper from headbox to winder.

Inlet and outlet Rollers

Heavy-duty double-shell inlet and outlet rollers for double belt presses for the production of webs and plates.



KRAFFT Wood - Inlet and Outlet Rollers

Single-shell inlet and outlet rollers for double belt presses in the wood industry with interfaces for friction pads.

KRAFFT Wood - Peripherally drilled Heating Drums

Peripherally drilled (PD) heating drums and rollers for calendre presses type AUMA or Mende.

KRAFFT Foils - Chill Rolls

Chill rolls as a central functional roll in the film extrusion.

KRAFFT Foils - Single and Double Shell Rollers

Single and Double-Shell Rollers for transport and converting of film webs. 

KRAFFT Food - Stainless Steel Rollers

Stainless steel (VA) rollers for highest mechanical and hygienic requirements in the production of food.