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Via CARLexa, we provide data stored on a tag (QR and / or RFID) that can be read without an internet connection.

This means that the user can call up essential roller data even at the most distant location in the factory, and reliably record and provide the roller for internal use. The risk of uncontrolled access to company networks is avoided.

CARLexa is the basic component of the CARL sensor family for the digital roller.

CARL stands for "Computer Aided Roller Logger".

The unique ID of the roller (in the example: 5210999-10.1-05) is the key information on the tag. In addition further information is provided according to a defined pattern based on order data, which is relevant for the internal handling and logistics of the roll.

We have been equipping the first rollers with CARLexa since October 2021, with the aim of equipping the rollers consistently in 2022

With the unique ID and the "myKRAFFTroller" app, which is currently under construction, we will be able to offer in addition a cloud service from summer 2022, which provides additional functions and data (drawings, spare parts list, etc.) or data according to customer specifications via a secured access procedure.


SCAN you read me?

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U-30 Team

CARLexa was invented and developed by our U-30 Team. A team of young KRAFFTIES from all departments in administration and production.

Our U30-Team; upper: Sven and David (both CNC-Machining); lower: Marcel (Sales), Daniel and Sebastian (3d-Design); Alexander (Sales) and Marvin (3d-Design); missing are: Manuel (Balacing Technology) and Marcel (Production Management).