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New Lathe and Tube-Store

„… I will need a bike to come to the other end …“

The brisk saying of an employee that the lathe is so long that you need a bike to get to the other end, we cannot confirm. However, we can confirm that in August we had at our Tacchi CTU 3500 lathe a large rebuilt with a completely new machine bed, control and drive of type Ultraturn 3000 by Heinrich Georg. The technical data are:

  • Machining diameter 3.000 mm
  • Distance between centres 15.000 mm
  • CNC control Siemens 840 D
  • Workpiece weight 30.000 kg



In the middle of September, we opened our new tube store with a small barbecue party together with our employees during an extended lunch break. On a covered area of approx. 350 square meters, we have created a new logistics station for roller tubes. In future, the incoming pipes will be recorded, checked and entered into the ERP-system. The tubes are then picked and distributed to the production area of plant 1 for processing. With both measures, we hope to meet the growing demands and we also think that we will continue to improve our adherence to deadlines.