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NEWS: The #KSD – KRAFFT Steel Dryer by KRAFFT Walzen

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We are all faced with enormous demands to save energy and energy costs. The paper industry has to face special challenges.
We cannot solve the problem for you, however we can make a contribution and would like to show you below where you have potential energy savings and that, with the maximum possible paper web width.
There is probably no longer any need to discuss the advantages of steel drying cylinders. We at KRAFFT have been pursuing a design that is unique on the market for decades:

The #KSD – KRAFFT Steel Dryer by KRAFFT Walzen

This dryer is lighter due to the inserted and ribbed headplate design, therefore:
- The dryer cans warms up faster
- The downtimes are reduced and as a result the availability of the machine increases
- The drive power is reduced

The #KSD design is stiffer. This makes the run smoother and reduces the bearing load.
Energy saving
By default, the #KSD is equipped with an #ESD – Energy&Safety Device (half cut in the picture above).
The design was originally intended to meet machine guidelines, but has been further developed for a number of years to reduce radiation losses at the cylinder head sides.

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