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No fear of the future - even in these troublesome times: we move forward right now!

We as the KRAFFT team rely on our strengths and team skills and have an eye on the future.

KRAFFT Digital Under the project title "Digital Roller" we are pursuing one goal - to significantly improve the information and production management for our customers regarding the use of rollers:

  • Technical roller data is provided directly by the product
  • We reduce the amount of information required for product inquiries to a minimum
  • Maintenance processes are optimized and enable more trouble-free production processes
  • We improve and accelerate quality assurance with new analysis methods

With this commitment and the determination to turn ideas into concrete solutions, Carl Krafft founded our company in 1870 and has continued to develop it. Our digital innovations bear his name as a sign of recognition. Follow us on our new homepage:

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