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Flooding in western part of Germany

Maybe you have heard in the news, that our area is dramatically affected by heavy rainfall and

flooding since last week Wednesday evening. The cause was heavy rainfall up to 150-250 litres

per square meter.

If you follow the reports in the international news like CNN and BBC, they will also shows the city

of Liege/Lüttich in Belgium, which is only 70 km to the west. The city of Erftstadt, Germany is 25

km to the east. And the city of Euskirchen, Germany about 20 km to the south.

Many of you asked us how we doing and if we are okay.

Yes, Thanks, we are all okay!

We had really luck and we need to be grateful not to be threatened as the pictures show. What we

see here is unbelievable and was never expected.

None of our employees was seriously harmed. The one or the other struggles with water in the

house or garden or has to use other ways to get to work. But all of this is far from what is reported

in media and therefore not a real problem in comparison.

All of our operations are not in the affected areas and are fully functional.

Anyhow the damages in the area are dramatic. There are already signs of disturbance in the supply

chains. In some cases, the suppliers themselves are damaged or the access routes are still

restricted or blocked. In some cases, staff members are affected or they help with rescue and clean[1]up work.

The solidarity and willingness to help in the entire population is extremely positive. Of course, mainly

in the affected regions, but also nationwide and internationally.

How can we help?

It turns out that donations in goods are already being received in great quantity, so that their

coordination and distribution becomes a separate task. The locally active aid organizations and the

communities therefore primarily ask for financial donations with which one can help in the most

flexible and sustainable manner.

We have already donated to the following district associations of the German Red Cross /

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz and hope to be able to help those worst affected as directly as possible:

Competence in Turning Technologies – The Experts

They have set up donation accounts:

- DRK-Kreisverband Euskirchen, Spendenkonto "Hochwasser"

DE26 3825 0110 0001 0131 01

- DRK Kreisverband Ahrweiler e.V., Spendenkonto „Hochwasserhilfe“

DE42 5775 1310 0000 8000 29

- DRK Kreisverband Rhein-Erft e.V., Spendenkonto "Hochwasser"

DE63 3702 0500 0005 0233 07

Of course we are happy and grateful if you - as a company or privately - are also willing to help and

make a donation to the above or other organizations. Many of you will have already done this.

Thank you very much for today, thank you for asking how we are doing and we would be

very happy if we all together can support the people being affected.