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With strength out of the crisis – Investments at KRAFFT

We hope you have all remained healthy and have been able to continue your work as "normal" as much as possible. 
The sensitivity when an employee coughs has sometimes paranoid features. The caution and responsibility in this new situation for all of us, had a massive influence on our decisions. This is a new situation for everyone and should not be forgotten in the (subsequent) evaluation. 
You may remember the Rhineland saying in the second but last issue. "John Lennon" put it incredibly well in 1981. No wonder he's a hero of our generation. 
What will be the "New Normal"? Here too, our ideas and wishes may not yet match what it will be like. 
Reflection on the strengths 
Following the rules of the SWOT analysis, we should concentrate particularly on our strengths. The responsibility that we have towards our employees, especially the young employees, is huge. 
One of our strengths is that we have pulled through all of our investment projects. The highlight is a new grinding machine for a diameter of 1,000 mm with a width between the tips of 13,500 mm. Due to Corona it was only ready for use in May instead of February, but okay, it's there now! 

A “hammer piece”, as one of the above-mentioned young guys used to say. 
The extension of our Hall 4 is growing day by day. Here we will carry out the finishing work, grinding, balancing, assembly and shipping of our products. 

In addition, we moved all longbed lathes to another hall (Hall 1) and hope to be able to improve our efficiency as a result of improved internal logistics. And all this in ongoing operation! Thank you, dear colleagues in manufacturing, for the implementation and cooperation. 
At the end of the year, we will install another longbed lathe in Plant 2 in Düren. On this CNC machine we will be able to machine components up to a diameter of 1,880 mm with a width between the tips of 12,000 mm. The matching KRAFFT Walzen product is not difficult to guess: The #KSD - KRAFFT Steel Dryer! 

There is an opportunity in every crisis 

In addition to the factual strengths, the psychology of the markets will play a massive role in getting the economy going again. Our willingness to invest and your positive feedback, dear customers, are an expression of our confidence and a certain (psychological) stability in our company. 
Please, also keep in mind that all of our manufacturing staff do not have the convenience or the ability to do things from home, as the author of these lines. Special thanks to them and it is also clear that absence due to special caution and care leads to delays. Perhaps in these times the old is "too late", the new "it fits". But hopefully it won't go on forever.