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Hello, I am #CARLota

We have offspring again, it's a girl!

In cooperation with our customers, we looked for new opportunities to check grinded roll surfaces for imperfections. Our employees from the innovation teams have developed a solution that we call #CARLota: Laser Optical Test and Assessment We guide a laser system in a defined pattern over the roll surface and use an algorithm to identify defects in the roll surface. The system can be parameterized and can therefore examine almost all rolls with regard to the required properties. The example in the video shows a drying cylinder (#KSD – KRAFFT Steel Dryer) with a bale length of approx. 10 m. The surface is checked 100% in about 30 minutes. In doing so, we generate several 10-million pixels that are archived for later checks. 

#CARLota is related to the #CARL sensor family (Computer Aided Roller Logger) and #CARLexa, which we presented in the last newsletter.

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