KRAFFT Pulleys

The close relationship between the two core processes of welding and machining from roller construction, allows us to further develop both product areas in synergy, production processes and engineering processes. At the same time, KRAFFT is broadened within its core competences.

The production program comprises:
 Drive pulleys
 Non-driven pulleys with external and internal bearings
 Pulley lagging
 Flange shaft pulleys
 Pulleys for bucket elevators
 Pulleys and wheels for vertical and steep angle conveyors
We are pleased to offer complete systems with:
 Pulley shafts
 Bearings and locking elements
 Lagging
 Brake discs and holdbacks
 Couplings
The dimensions are like follows:
 Maximum diameter 3.600 mm
 Maximum length 6.500 mm
 Maximum weight 50 t
In order to be able to guarantee the proven KRAFFT service in sales and technical consultancy and competence, we are happy being able to win Mr. Axel Witt, an international expert for pulleys and conveyors.
For experts in this field Axel Witt is well known and he will approach you directly in order to establish contacts with you and explain the philosophy of KRAFFT Pulleys.

We are looking forward to working with you to develop a new and exciting story.

Would you like more information or an offer? Then please contact our expert:

Carl KRAFFT & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG | seit 1870 - Die Walze ist unsere Kompetenz.

Axel WITT, Verkaufsleiter PULLEYS / Head of Sales PULLEYS

Dipl.-Ing. / Graduate Engineer

Schoellerstraße 164 · 52351 Düren · Germany

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