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KRAFFT is one of the leading manufacturers for rollers and axisymmetric components in Europe. Know-How acquired by building paper machinery was consequently transferred since the 1980s in design and production of rollers and axisymmetric components.
Four product segments representing the strength of KRAFFT:

KRAFFT Rollers
  • Rollers and roller systems
  • Roller service
  • Up to 5.500 mm in diameter and 15.000 mm in length
KRAFFT Turning Technologies
  • Axisymmetric components for applications in machinery and plant engineering
  • Shafts and transmission components
  • Drums for rolling roads (vehicle testing)
  • Rope-Drums for cranes and lifters
KRAFFT Engineering
  • Projecting and realisation
  • Engineering and simulation
  • Repair, overhaul and retro fitment
  • Supported by a network of specialists
KRAFFT Services
  • 24/7 service
  • Repair service
  • Installation service on-site
  • Transportation service
From our facilities in Düren we offer a perfect infrastructure to support customers in:

  • Germany
  • Europe, incl. Scandinavia
  • Eastern Europe
  • USA
  • North Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

KRAFFT – Competence in Turning Technologies – The Experts


KRAFFT Cylinder Dryer

KRAFFT supplies Cylinder Dryer for Medical Textiles

KRAFFT Engineering has delivered two cylinder dryers as a subsystem of a production line for the production of medical textiles by the end of 2016.

KRAFFT Cylinder Dryer Flyer


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